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Alafranga Language Solutions (ALS) has been operating since 2002 as a limited liability company with sole partner in Istanbul Turkey. Our clientele includes other language service providers, companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations operating worldwide.

The company is an overseas member to Association of Translation Companies (ATC) ​and therefore to European Association of Translation Companies (EUATC).

Also, the company is audited by Bureau Veritas for ISO17100.


ALS is a medium-size translation company that mainly provides into and out of Turkish technical document translations and localization solutions.

Thanks to our assets like Server-TM, vast experience in project management and self-proven collaborators, we can safely process all size projects with tight deadlines for those who are looking for reliability, quality and economy.

Our vendor network has been developing since 2002 based on thousands of projects completed so far.


Additionally, we have a flexible working model in place.


Flexible working model for additional capacity

Our flexible working model is based on the following assets:

  • administrative know-how since 2002
    + contracting process
    + vendor selection process
    + file admin system
    + project management
    + terminology management
    + quality management system
    feedback admin module

    And, therefore:

  • ]project-open[ workflow powered by European EN:15038 2006
  • smart technologies
    + CAT Tools
    + file-based or server-based TMs
    + QA Tools
  • proprietary global vendor management software, internally developed
  • feedback admin module, internally developed

We can safely undertake larger workloads. Because, our translation capacity for a single project can be increased up to 30,000 new words a day. Based on SDL GroupShare TM Server Technology, currently 10 translators are able to work on a single project files by connecting to the same project TM.

Technology-savvy team


Mr. Volkan Guvenc, the founding partner and global operations manager, is encircled by highly talented professionals responsible for departmental functions working in a modern office environment. Namely, Ilke Satiroglu (SPM), Mehmet Can Karsli (PM), Ugur Ikinci (PM), Cem Filiz (CF), Tayfun Kayaci (PM), Cemal Oktemer (DTP), Korkut Ozelsu (transcription) and Timucin Ozmaya (web developer).


All projects managers here at ALS are native Turkish speakers with philology and engineering background.

We are taking advantage of advanced technologies such as:

  • SDL Studio GroupShare,
  • ]Project Open[ project admin software,
  • Copyrighted vendor database admin software.

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High-profile energetic team


We have been growing on the synergy of hard working high-profile professionals.


16 years of corporate history


At ALS Turkey, we carefully examine all incoming jobs. In the contracting process, maximum attention is paid on technical and financial feasibility of new translation projects in order to offer optimum solutions that will protect our clients as well.


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